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This process is a game-changer, the single most powerful way to elevate a manuscript from solid first draft to wicked good, market-ready book. Reading a finished manuscript aloud is a dynamic way to experience it the way it will be experienced by a reader. It also fine-tunes a text, line by line, word by word, shining a light on every typo and technical error. As a solo artist, I won't publish a book without it. As a ghostwriter, I find it brings a higher level of creative ownership and closure to my clients. 

What’s the goal?

A polished manuscript that’s ready for handoff to agent, editor, or DTC (direct to consumer) publishing packager.

How does it work?

  • STEP 1: READ the entire book aloud. In my experience, it works best for Reader to read aloud while others follow along, taking notes on hard copies of the manuscript. We take breaks to stretch and stay hydrated, but it works best to hold comments until we’ve made it all the way to the end. This usually takes about two hours per 100 pages.

  • STEP 2: DISCUSS broad/systemic questions about pace, clarity, character development, and other big issues. Author may want the objective Reader to stay for this discussion. This usually takes 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the manuscript.

  • STEP 3: COMPARE PAGE NOTES and fine tune all changes/corrections to create a polished master manuscript with all the revisions incorporated. This usually takes 45 to 60 minutes per 100 pages, depending on the manuscript.

Next steps depend on your chosen publishing path. 

My 2024 schedule is evolving. Let me know what you need, and I'll keep you posted on availability.

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